Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Artists who inspire me: Bob Staake

Bob Staake is a constant source of inspiration to me. On his Facebook page, he just posted this fully-rendered cover mock-up for a book idea he thought of just FIVE DAYS AGO.

Beautiful, right? I know if it were me, I'd have spent forever trying to decide whether the idea was worth the time, then when I got a chance--eventually, when I had absolutely nothing else to do--I'd probably work up a few half-baked thumbnails in my sketchbook before talking myself out of even trying. Then, if I did make an attempt at finished art, I'd go through a million iterations, testing out different layouts and colors in Photoshop, trying to decide which one is best.

That's okay with a paid illustration that has a set deadline, because you know there's someone on the other end waiting for it. But when you're doing something for yourself, or on spec like this, every delay is a chance to let the project fall by the wayside. There's always going to be something more pressing, and "not drawing" is the easiest thing in the world to do.

There's a reason Bob is so successful, and his drawing talent is only a part of it. Confidence, speed, and action: these are crucial skills that every illustrator needs to develop. I'm really thankful that the Internet has allowed me a better peek into the minds and working habits of artists I admire--there's so much to learn from them.

Bob Staake's personal website is here. Follow Bob on Facebook here.